Skills of Teaching Observation Tool (STOT) Training Module

Skills of Teaching Observation Tool (STOT) Training Module Link

Welcome to the NDACTE rater training for the Skills of Teaching Observation Tool (STOT).  The training is offered to increase interrater reliability and accuracy in scoring.

The list below briefly overviews the process used to create the expert panel ratings within this training module.

  1. Videos excerpts were identified and matched with STOT indicators.
  2. Teacher preparation faculty were invited to be part of the expert panels. Each expert panel had at least 5 members, and most had 10-15. A facilitator coordinated the process.
  3. The panel viewed the videos and independently rated the teacher’s performance using the STOT indicators.
  4. The panel members discussed performance of the teacher in the video in relation to the indicators, identifying the evidence for their ratings. The facilitator documented the scores and corresponding evidence.
  5. The panelists each re-rated the performance, which was converted into a single score for the expert panel using the median and consensus.
  6. The panel also rated a written artifact from a student teacher, using indicators that typically are not observable in a classroom lesson.

The training begins with information on preventing bias and using evidence for rating.  It then moves through three tasks.  If the rater is off more than a ½ point from the expert panel, they are encouraged to review the bias prevention information.

New ND Licensure Information


We are excited to share with you that HB 1098 was signed by Governor Burgum on April 13, 2017. This bill expands licensure areas for both elementary and secondary teachers. It also will allow teachers to once again teach in their minor areas.

Elementary teachers will now be licensed to teach grades 1-8 (formerly 1-6)

Secondary teachers will now be licensed to teach grades 5-12 (formerly 7-12) in their content area.

If you currently hold a ND teaching license, your license is updated to reflect this new configuration. We will not be printing new licenses for every teacher. However, we encourage you to check your license updates using the ND Educator Search.

With the passing of HB 1098, ESPB will interpret the law, although the rules are not official to indicate the following changes effective July 1:

Substitute Licenses:
The K-12 administrator letter requesting the sub license is no longer required. The sub license will be issued for a two year period at the cost of $80 (instead of 1 year for $40). All other sub requirements will remain the same.

Alternate Access Licenses:
The Alternate Access License will now be issued starting on July 1 of each year, rather than August 1.

Praxis Testing:
A teacher no longer needs to hold their teaching license for 2 years in order to test into a new content area. Also, an elementary teacher no longer needs the 7-12 PLT to move into a secondary content area. They only need the Praxis content test passed. A secondary teacher would need the K-6 PLT and elementary content test in order to move into elementary, or B-3 PLT and early childhood content test to teach early childhood education.

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